Welcome to Shane’s Site!

Welcome and thanks for visiting my site! There’s no big surprise with this first one, it’s that classic introduction post that pretty much was a staple of the old fart bloggers when we didn’t know eventually the mid 2000’s would be the “very old days.”

But anyway, welcome! Originally I was going to do the same thing with this domain as I had in the past: make it basically a glorified online resume where companies or potential freelance employers could check in on. While small segments of that remain (see the Hall of Fame page – trust me, these “oddities” have actually landed me more interviews than my resume, BA, MFA, or anything else that most recruiters look for)

But thank you for stopping by to see little ol’ me. I know these intro posts are pretty pointless but hey, after nearly 15 years of doing this, old habits die hard 🙂

So may this introductory post fade into oblivion…and may the fun bi-weekly (and hopefully someday weekly) posts commence!

Shane Dayton

Writer, gamer, outdoor enthusiast, adventurer, and depression survivor tired of all the ugliness. Doing my best to live a life worth living, having fun, creating stories, and hopefully doing my part to leave the world a touch better than what I found it. Hope you enjoy the site and find something entertaining, helpful, or useful that's your kind of jam.

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