Welcome to Shane’s Website

Welcome to Shane’s website! At the moment this is pretty bare bones and probably works more along the lines of a Shane Dayton professional picbasic online portfolio or introduction as opposed to a fully fleshed out site. The old one was the victim of a hack on my hosting, and sometimes it’s better to just start over.

Welcome to brick one of the new foundation!

Who Am I?

Have you ever thought about how crazy a question this is? Take every one of your memories, victories, defeats, memories, challenges, and skills and filter it down to define yourself within the confines of only two to three sentences. To be honest, I’d be kind of ashamed of myself if I have lived a life so dull and straight forward that it was that easy, but let’s give this a shot:

I’m a long-time writer who takes pride in mastering a wide variety of different styles and forms. My passion started with fiction and has extended to script writing, poetry, and creative non-fiction. This was all before carving out a career of 10+ years as a freelance writer and online marketer, which was the perfect fit in my twenties while I frequently traveled throughout the United States, Canada, and Alaska (yes, Alaska is different enough to count as its own nation).

If I have to sum up my way of thinking/being in a sentence: I’m a hard working independent who takes pride in full thinking and philosophical questioning and discovery.

What work do I do?

Turns out that car accident on my 25th birthday was one of the best things that ever happened to me. Because of the leg injuries I needed to find a way to make rent and food from home, and that meant finding a way to make a living online. I started writing articles on auction based sites like Guru.com and Elance.com and before I knew it I was a professional writer making a full time living.

Part of what I loved about being online was always adapting, which meant learning:

  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  • Internet marketing
  • Affiliate marketing
  • Online writing
  • Ebook writing
  • Building websites via Joomla & WordPress (FYI – I strongly prefer WordPress)
  • Business marketing

I love the challenge from the online world because it’s constantly changing. Staying on top of those changing trends is what has allowed me to remain so effective over the years.

Strangest Stories/Fun Tidbits

What’s a good page without a few conversation starters? So just a few random ones:

  • I’ve received a Thank You note from a “king”
  • I have one of the sparsest IMDB pages ever – but I did help produce a movie
  • I had a billionaire hold a door open for me once and call me “Sir” (without adding “please leave, you’re causing a scene”)
  • Lived in Alaska for 4 years
  • Moved over 50 times in my early to mid-twenties, my “vagabonding” years
  • Once lived within a mile of another person named Shane Dayton (there aren’t that many of us)
  • Have displayed an amazing ability to randomly run into people I haven’t seen in 10+ years in a city not related to either one of us (this happens at least twice yearly)

Side Projects / Interests

Hey, did I mention I published a book on kindle and even designed the cover myself? Take a look – it’s a work I’m very proud of. I’m working on my next two novels, as well as a screenplay. I’m hoping to create some fun websites in the short-term future and move on to find a way to expand that sparse IMDB page I mentioned earlier. I believe in the adventure of life, and

Finding Your Way Around

You will find it easy enough to contact me right here on the website and let me know your hopes, your dreams, your secret disappointments. Or maybe a project idea or job offer – you know, whatever’s on your mind.

Check out my basic resume, a brief verbal painting of why I’m awesome, or even some writing samples. There’s a lot of basic stuff here, but if you really want a look at my deeper thought process, my writing style, and the issues and topics I’m passionate about, then check out Shane Dayton’s blog under the old “Master Dayton” URL and you’ll get a really strong handle on who I am and what I have to offer.

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to ask and thanks again for visiting.