Pixabay Epic: What Is This Project?

I’m not whole unless I’m feeding my inner artist, and since I knew I wanted to be a “story writer” since I was 3 years old, I’ve had many decades to train my brain to look for story ideas, projects, creative potential everywhere I looked. While life does what it does, and a rough decade …

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2022 First Quarter Review

chalk man climbing steps

The strangest thing about coming out with the newest quarterly review was that it took me so long to get the goals letter written this year that it’s only really been a month and change. Which obviously is far less than a full quarter for trying to get everything done and get on pace even …

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9 Financial Books Everyone Should Read

hundred dollar bills

The statistics are plenty sobering, and to be blunt before going on: there are plenty of good reasons for Gen X’ers, Millennials, and Gen-Z to be pissed about how things work and how much policies enacted 30-40 years ago have thoroughly screwed so many of them when it comes to finances. But that doesn’t change …

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Never Too Old for a Turnaround

Drowning in Life

Imagine having the type of life that sounds like the beginning bio of a famous early American author. Travel, adventure, overjoyed life leaping from one opportunity or adventure to another, seeing the nation and making your own path through a brand new road along the way. Loving life, potential turning into earnings and recognition, each …

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