9 Financial Books Everyone Should Read

hundred dollar bills

The statistics are plenty sobering, and to be blunt before going on: there are plenty of good reasons for Gen X’ers, Millennials, and Gen-Z to be pissed about how things work and how much policies enacted 30-40 years ago have thoroughly screwed so many of them when it comes to finances. But that doesn’t change …

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Never Too Old for a Turnaround

Drowning in Life

Imagine having the type of life that sounds like the beginning bio of a famous early American author. Travel, adventure, overjoyed life leaping from one opportunity or adventure to another, seeing the nation and making your own path through a brand new road along the way. Loving life, potential turning into earnings and recognition, each …

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2021 Quarter 4 Goals: Will We Finish Strong?

Marathon Runner Long Way Away

Well, bad news is I’ve definitely been a bit late on getting this out. However, on the plus side the last few days have been hella productive on a scale that puts many of my other efforts to shame. So I’ll take that any day of the week! The Summer Review ended the way it …

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Summer 2021 Review: Looking Ahead to Fall

Momento Mori gold token

August 2021 is only 7 hours away from being in the books when I’m writing the first line of this post and I think a lot of you will be with me when I say: “How the hell did THAT happen so fast?” Well regardless, here we are, with another month almost in the books …

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Summer 2021: What Are The Plans?

cartoon person thinking pondering

Well the first decent posts on here were born in early June when it was summer already, so having a full seasonal plan half way through July doesn’t necessarily make sense. But I’m not going to wait all the way until autumn to talk about my goals, because that’s how you lose two months of …

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Welcome to Shane’s Site!

Welcome and thanks for visiting my site! There’s no big surprise with this first one, it’s that classic introduction post that pretty much was a staple of the old fart bloggers when we didn’t know eventually the mid 2000’s would be the “very old days.” But anyway, welcome! Originally I was going to do the …

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